Laurie’s List*: 5 songs that get us started down the road

*Laurie’s List is a collection of things I think go well together, usually with some pictures I’ve taken. 

There’s always this moment of departure – after we’ve pulled in the slides, done the safety checks, hooked up the GPS, and put the RV Vanilla Guerrilla into drive, that we get this excited little thrill to be on the road again. That’s when we put on one of about a dozen songs that always seems to mark the beginning of our next adventure.

Here are some of our go-to favourites.

1. Queen of California, John Mayer

How can the spirits of any aging baby boomer not lift when Mayer has lyrics like this: Hello beauty / hello strange / Looking for the sun that Neil Young hung / After the gold rush of 1971

2. Freefalling, Tom Petty

Yes, I know this song might be overplayed. Now. But it’s been a staple in our house since Brent bought Full Moon Fever in 1989. When it so perfectly captured the essence of our first escape in 2013, it became kind of an an anthem. I don’t think we have launched a new road trip without it: Gonna free fall out into nothingGonna leave this life for awhile 

3. Backs Turned Looking Down the Path, Warren Zevon:

The man was a poet, what can I say?  I want to include all the lyrics here but I’m just going to encourage you to listen to it; it’s worth the 2:30. Brent brought a cassette tape of this self-titled album along on our first road trip in 1987 and it’s had a place on the playlist ever since.

4. Graveclothes, Birdtalker

This one is a newer discovery for us. (Thanks, Spotify.) It usually gets played the morning after something frustrating has happened the night before. It’s pretty self-explanatory why: Thoughts you’re thinking make you feel like you’re dead / but you can grow a garden out the top of your head / Shake your graveclothes off

5.  Lucky, Jason Mraz

So there are worse things to be than an incurable romantic, am I right? This song is just so upbeat that it makes me almost feel okay about a road trip coming to a close. It’s my little gratitude song. Lucky I’m in love with my best friend / Lucky to have been where I have been / Lucky to be coming home again.

Got a few more than I’ll share in an upcoming post. Until then enjoy, and happy travels.



  1. Nice selection , we’ve always used music on our travels too mostly related to the country we’re visiting. So, French accordion music across France, blues as we rail journeyed across USA etc etc.

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